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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Coexistence -共生-

Artworks by Mizue Sawano

Music curated and composed by Satoshi Kanazawa

Human beings in modern societies must inevitably rely on consuming natural resources to survive and sacrificing the natural environment to some extent. When we travel or commute with other methods besides walking, we eventually end up relying on energy resources. Even though the impacts of human activities are extremely harsh against the Earth, nature is always with us, protecting the planet. We believe that the world now lives in an age where we need to be more conscious than ever of our coexistence with nature and animals.

Coexistence is not only the relationship between humans and nature, but also awareness of our togetherness beyond class, ethnicity, religion, gender, and political inclination. Conflict is ubiquitous and occurs at any levels among individuals, communities, or nations even if it’s nonviolent. Each individual has their own thoughts, philosophy, and sense of value, which allows for uniqueness, but those are sometimes unwillingly a cause of our conflict. For coexistence to work, we must truly respect our distinctive differences between us and unite at a deeper level more than ever.

Ms. Sawano’s artworks and Kanazawa’s music evoke the beauty of our lives as well as the vigorous spirit of nature along with eternal, sincere love. Their message through this exhibition reflects an effort for coexistence with nature and humans aiming for sustainable environments and building fully mature communities searching for justice, forgiveness, fairness, and equity can make the world a better place.

Mizue Sawano: Biography & Artworks

Satoshi Kanazawa: Biography →

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